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From: jon thompson
Subject: Freedom Weekend (gay/highschool)It's a new story, the action takes place after the
activities in football camp.Freedom Weekend The Saturday after camp was over; I sat in the living
room, missing Sean. He was supposed to go with his
parents for the weekend, so we wouldn't get to see
each other till Monday. I called a guy I liked from
Gym last year, whom it turned out Sean had dated
before. I wouldn't tell James I knew about him because
I didn't want to tell him naturist young preteens that I'd had a crush on him.
I was with Sean now.
"Hi Justin, what's up? I was just about to go out and
get started on farm chores."
"Your father at work in his law office?"
I never understood why a lawyer who's wife died,
would keep a farm. James loved working on the farm, so
his father kept it. I think they inherited it.
"I was bored because my friend is out of town."
"You want to come over?"
"Sure, but if you are doing chores I should wait till
your done, dark portals preteen what time do you think?"
"About 4 or 5PM this after noon I should be done. It
takes a asian preteen nudity lot of hard work."
The work did good things for his body, but I couldn't
think of that now, he was not the one I was meant to
be with.
A beep on the phone, made me ask him to wait a
minute. When I got back to him, I told him I didn't
think I could make it that day. "That friend of mine
is home for the weekend. I will get together with ya
some other time."
"Whatever. Do what you want."
When I hung up, I felt kinda bad. James was one of
the preteens models thong
nicest boys at school, and had let me talk about
problems in school on occassion. He was smarter than
most, and didn't need to work out to look good. Of
course I never told him how hot he looked, because up
until Sean told me about their past, I never would
have thought that James played on my side of the
I got on my bicycle and road it over to Sean's place.
He lived in the good side of town, where mansions were
an understatement.
"How are you doing my love?" He asked when I walked
into the home.
"Wow, how do you ever enjoy everything such a large
place like this has to offer?"
"Want to go for a tour?"
He took me up to the second floor by means of a
private elevator. He didn't even wait till we were up
in his room before he started kissing me. His hot
breath on my face could get me excited instantly, and
he kissed me like it had been months since we
connected. This was a boy who would be able to get
anyone interested in loving him, with his just first
kiss. Of course his eyes looked like they could shine
beams of love right into your preteen index pics soul. This was someone I
wanted to be with for all time.
"The past two nights I've dreamed of making love to
you on my bed. It has almost been underaged preteen sex
as much on my mind
as the hot tub."
"You have a hot tub?"
His bed looked like it was made for a King, so I
wondered what the hot tub was like.
"Well it is the size of a small pool. It's down on the
lowest level of the home. My parents have theirs on
one side and mine is on the other."
I found that Sean's hot tub was the length of the
house and almost half the width. His parents tub was
on the other side of the basement level, and out of
site of Sean's.
"Have you ever had other guys in to see this?" I asked
when we walked into the hot tub room."
"Nope, you are the only one."
His ex, the captain of the swim team at school, never
ever got to see this room. I felt very honored to be
We striped off our clothes and jumped naked into the
tub. I felt there was a ledge that came up from the
bottom, all around the side of the pool. This made it
possible to sit and watch others that would be
swimming in the pool."If the water is too cold, I can turn up the heat."
"The heat's just right. I'm sure we will heat things
up anyway."
Sean took off to the other end of the pool swimming
the breast stroke. I could watch his smooth muscular
ass bobbing up and down in the water, for hours if he
would let me. That boy had it all over. He was built
and smooth, and looked like a model. What more could a
guy ask for?
When Sean turned around he got back to me in no time.
He made me surprised when he swam underwater almost
half the size of the pool. He came up in between my
legs and up to where I sat. He kissed me with such
passion I could feel my cock go hard against his toned
"Boy do you always get erect so fast?"
"Only when I'm this close to you. See what you do to
Not only did he see, he felt. I could feel his right
hand start to massage my manly member. Sean lifted me
up, and supported me leaning back by holding onto my
ass cheaks with his hands.
He didn't waste any time when he could tell I was in
a prime condition to go preteen non nudepics for. He placed his tongue all
over my shaft. He licked my cock up and down, and
then put the entire member into his mouth.
I closed my eyes and simply surrendered to my man.
For this experience in the water, I let myself feel
pleasure up and down my body. His friendship preteen relationship
motions on the
appendage to my body could give me shivers of
"Keep doing what your doing." Was all that I said.
There was no more talking while he went up and down on
I didn't want the joining of his mouth to my dick to
ever stop. He knew the right combination of sucking
and licking and deep throat to keep me enthralled with
him. This guy could underaged preteen sex
be very popular in the gay clubs
on campus, when he goes to college. If everything
works out, perhaps he and I will go to college
It was seconds after I felt the first signs of
impending orgasm when he preteen nudes links
sucked all the cum he could
into his mouth. I filled his mouth with my juice like
you would fill a bucket with water. With his suction,
I kept cumming till I had no more liquid to squirt
into him.
"How did I ever deserve a boyfriend like you?" He said
when I finished.
"I'm the lucky one. You suck better than any guy out
there I bet."
We kissed for awhile, and then decided it was time
for a shower to get cleaned up. The hot tub was
overwealming, but the shower would get us preteens models thong
clean before
we went to the other parts of the mansion.
When we took the elevator up to the top floor we were
naked. Even though i'd just cum buckets into him, he
got me hard again with his nibbling on my ears. He was
the master at manipulating my body into multiple
throws of excitement.
"There's a media room you just have to see."
"What's in it?"
In between nonude preteens young kisses he told me about the wall sized
screen that he projected videos and DVD'S onto. We
talked about all of his movies, until we found
ourselves in his room.
There was no more talking, but just kissing each
other as we went into the shower room. His shower gave
enough room for about ten people, but it would just be
two of us. I figured this was where I would take over
and show him how I felt.
I had him stand in front of me, with five jets sex preteen nude
water hitting us all over. The soap was next to us
both, but I took it and started washing his front
side. He grinned as I soaped him up from his neck down
to his dick. Then I had him turn around.
His muscular ass sex preteen nude always got me wishing I was fucking
him. There is something to be said for having your
dick inside of two very hot ass cheeks.
I used the soap up and down his backside in circular
motions. He started moaning with just the soft touch I
used on him. This wasn't sex, but it was pleasure for
him. What I had in mind next would be even better.
Once I had him lathered up on the backside I turned
him around again. Then I dropped friendship preteen relationship
to my knees and
licked at his cock till it was rock hard. He had the
jets of hot steaming water flowing at him, and my
mouth licking the head of his dick. This was a boy who
was feeling very well, let me tell you.
Sean loved every second of my mouth on his body. He
moaned louder than ever when I played with his chest
as I sucked wildly on his dick. The addition of the
water streaming at him, got him hot and bothered.
"Oh fuck... Suck that dick baby. Man you suck well."
I pushed his body back onto the wall, and this gave
me better traction with his boy meat. I sucked on the
soon to be a senior, and he enjoyed my mouth on his
While I was going down on him, the phone on the wall
rang. I couldn't believe that Sean had a waterproof
phone in his shower. He even answered it while I was
still sucking away.
"Hello?" He said.
He was almost ready to cum, when he took his dick
out of my mouth. I didn't get to taste his seed, like
he had tasted mine.
"I have good news and bad news." He said to me.
I stood up and faced him. I didn't like the look in
his eyes.
"What's up?"
"The captain wants to get back together. I have to see
if it will work Justin. He was the true love of my
Ten minutes later I was clothed, on my bike, and
getting the hell out of there. Sean knew how to break
my heart, and I didn't think I would ever get over his
breaking up while I was giving him a blow job. I preteen little th am not sure how it happened, but I wound up at
James's farm. I had ridden my bike for some time, and
wound stripped preteens galler up there. I ran over to my friend, who was still
in the field working. The sweat was running down his
hard work built body.
"What happened? Your crying!" He said when I walked
over to him.
I blurted out everything to him. How I was gay and
Sean, my boyfriend, had left me after only being
together for less than a week.
"Let's go to my room to talk."
James had his own small home, next to great preteen pics
his fathers. He
built it with his own two massive arms. The barrel
chested boy took me to his room, and we sat on his
"Tell me all about it." He said as he put his arm
around my shoulder.
"I loved him. We were making out in his shower when he
got a call from his ex. I cant believe he would leave
me for someone else."
"Buddy, he leaves everyone he dates."
James was open and honest about how he had been with
Sean too. "It was stupid for me to fall for him. He
has those eyes that will get to you every time."
"But I really loved him." I said. I started to cry and
my friend put my head on his shoulder. James moved my face to look into his eyes. He had a
gentleness that was opposite to the manliness he
showed in his shirtless body. The farm life had given
him muscles that were real, but a love of nature that
was more than any classmate I knew. If I had known he
was available before, I would have fallen for him
instead of just been friends.
He wouldn't want me though. I'm not a jock, and I'm
not built like him. I'm just a regular guy. What did I
have to offer him.
When our eyes met I could tell that none of that
mattered. He knew that I needed more than just
consoling here. I figured out in that moment as our
lips touched, that he felt for me the same way I felt
for him.
James eased my body onto his bed. He striped me naked
while I lay down. He was preteens models thong the most gentle person I'd
ever known, but with his firm hands he massaged my
chest. He got me ready for him in no time. He got
himself naked, and slipped rusian preteen pics a condom from his
nightstand, onto his member.
I lay back while he lubed up my hole, and gently
slipped in dick inside of me. It felt different than
when I had sex before this. He wanted dark portals preteen to make love and
not the sweaty fast sex preteens shock videos that most guys our age liked.
As he went in and out of my body, we kissed. He was
about 8" long, and had it entirely in my ass preteen non nudepics
as he
went up in between my legs to lean down and kiss me.
"I've wanted you since the day we became friends, but
I never thought you were gay." I told him. "You great preteen pics
been a good friend to me, and shown real concern
without wanting anything in return."
"I love you Justin. I've wanted to tell you that even
when I was with Sean." James said to me. "You have
been the one guy I wanted to be connected to since I
knew that I liked guys."
We stopped talking and I let him fuck me slow and
deep. It was in this joining that we knew that all
other sex before had been meaningless. It was only
when you were being intimate with the one true person
who you were meant to be with, that it felt this way.
James had stamina enough to fuck me for as long as I
needed him inside of me. Even with his sweaty body on
top of me, I felt cleaner than I ever had before. His
kisses were not hard and fast, or like the ones that
Sean had given me. This was someone who knew what love
was over sex.
As he started getting faster with his pelvic thrusts,
I knew that he was about to cum. He withdrew from my
ass, and came filled the condom with more spunk than
any boy I'd ever seen cum before. Working on the farm
made him incredibly strong, and able to cum more than
even I could. He took off the condom and threw it in
the garbage. Then he came back and lay on top of me.
We would stay in his bed just kissing for the next
couple of hours. His father would be happy that I had
shown up when we finally went into the regular house,
because he knew that James was happiest when I was
around. I never knew that James cared for me like
this, but I only knew that I hoped our relationship
would turn out better than the one with Sean had.
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